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This Dream Comes From Heaven: A Scene From The Science New Wave XVI Festival

Tracing paths of neural symphonic imaging while prancing through plethoras of subjectivities, the causal nexus between perceiver and perceived reveals detailed underlying structures of intentional prioritization. A blending of various modes of analysis surrounding a multiplicity of dynamic forms.

A cast of shapeshifting serial-thrillers filters through transferable sources of knowledge connected like the backstreets of downtown Nairobi. Currents of untapped heritage line the sleeves like spooks from ancient stories.

Wire to wire, teeth to feet. Cyborgs like pryers, speech to ink. Invisible scryer from the virtual deep relates a scene for each to think.

A singular metric score births a sampling culture of unorthodox plots that single out an automaton's thoughts within the framework of a sprocket's roll -- spinning the wheels of life.

A new song sung shines like a newborn sun. Splendorous sights of unspeakable styles splinter out in cells that breed like the seeds of a slingshot science. Explicit skills from live navigational strings modulate the stratus with an old seasoned cadence. Spectroscopic quartz on a stimulus valence.

This Dream Comes From Heaven is an original 64-second film created for the Science New Wave XVI Festival presented by Imagine Science Films.


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