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Cytometric Functions In Maintaining A Continuum Between The Personal & Transpersonal Realms Of Being

Each cell, plucked from a constellated sea of starry shells, galvanizes a surge of seismic storms in tune with rhythms that spell the true nature of an unsullied form. Blurring the lines between day and night, a muse for all the lost and found, death cuts colder than icy whispers in a cryogenian cloud.

Tools of painted loops on stages, a carnival of light in jars of clay delights to slide like crooks on pages. Books on cases read like suits on sages. A rootless matrix weaves indelible traces of truths in buried stasis.

Vectors of hollow preceptors map terranean subs like a multi-tethered reflexive specter.

Fields of dystopian creeds rallied together taste like holotropic states flashing through a stroboscopic wave. Commissioned non-conditions play like phototropic scales.

A fugitive vision strums receptive sense perceptible concepts off-kilter. Wired like a necromantic fusion of sleuth distillers, a troop of rule encryptors falls like ash from burning sage. Crushed petals like serving grace bleed into the space between the center and the fatal edge of a stirring rage.


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