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Closing Your Eyes To See: Behind The Veils Of Perception And The Transitional Ascent Of Force From Form (An Alchemical Spec)

In approximately three hundred thousand kilometers per second, the journey from myth to a living ritual returns like a prodigal on capital gains. Particles and waves play like diffracting cardinals in space. Chromatic cognition blends all the notes and tones of light in a liturgical embrace.

In a sea of infinite categorical structures, an embodied rapture of simultaneously divergent cultures stimulates the mysteries that occupy the locus of a poet's corpus.

A chorus for a blooming lotus. An amorphous melody in a porous verse flies through time like reflections of the sky in the eye of Horus.

Assemblies like dying vultures mimic traditional blueprints dictating quotas. Systems replete with boarders strike at the streaks of creation with the lethal precision of a spitting cobra.

An unbroken continuity of contemplative devotion staggers in length like a smuggler's intent. Locksmith swagger tricks slide like steel on a dagger's grip. A prose that kills on a subtler tip dreams of a poem that steals all hearts at will. A ballad spills heat like the Sun in a quiet field.


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