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A Distillation Of Intimated Behavioural Patterns Intoning The Absurdity In Meaning

Infinite fractals in the grand expanse reveal a play upon the stage of cosmic jest. Moral states of human desires break into a stance of reciprocal laws at best. Girard's theory of mimetic processes confronts all conditions of trust undressed. The volition of a dreamer's will to ascend a daring crest.

Obscured by reflections of smoldering brand games, a progeny order of imperial cut-throat circuits bares the wares of form and function.

Beyond all timely rituals of fruitful virtues, a traveling merchant bargains a stylized groove and palette for a pass out the bordering space encircling notions of use and value.

Free from instrumentalities of static processes, a mosaic of choices spins infectious tales on a set of cathartic symbols believed to transform a victim into a jewel of radiant glory.

An inflated sense of normative certainty based on the judgement of others. Combined with an insatiable appetite for flesh and fire, a seductive false promise burns like the lust between unbridled lovers. One shiny object after another adds in numbers. An algorithmic display of signs&wonders™


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