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Towards The Center Of A Black Hole And The Stellar Nucleosynthesis In African Cosmologies

At the point where the invisible blueprint of the cosmos begins, the dense entity generated during the collapse of a giant star's core produces gravitational waves so strong that light cannot escape its threshold distance, warping the fabric of spacetime. With the recent reveal of the first image of Sagittarius A* -- the super massive black hole located at the center of our Milky Way galaxy -- 27,000 light years away from Earth, it is now speculated by modern science that this black hole might be responsible for the formation of the stellar mass in our galaxy. These speculations are directly in accordance with the philosophical worldview of ancient mythologies in Africa.

In the Dogon creation mythology, the universe is considered to be Amma's egg. Amma is described as the intelligent consciousness behind all of creation, and the awareness within all beings.

According to this story, creation begun with Amma spinning around on a central axis within this cosmic egg. This spinning effectively created a black hole located at the center of our galaxy. This black hole is known to the Dogon people as Po (seed). Amma then spoke seven words into this Po which begun to vibrate very strongly.

These vibrations caused waves to burst forth from the Po. These waves are the spiraling nebulae arms that extend from the galactic core defining the shape of our spiral galaxy. In the esoteric traditions of the Agikuyu people of central Kenya, and in many other ancient traditions of the world, this spiral shape symbolizes the womb of all creation and the cosmic essence of our being. Through the magic of divine logos, creation mythologies in Africa offer a nuanced scientific explanation that precedes the modern big bang theory, illustrating the innately creative and self-organizing processes of the universe. Scientists are today beginning to understand the function of black holes as regulators of stellar genesis, a process presented through stories involving primordial beings who necessitate the creation of all chemical elements and life on planet Earth.

Descriptions of stars glowing with exceedingly bright light while their centers remain invisible to the human eye appear in many cosmologies in Africa. Characterized as guardians of the universe and imagined as radiating faces that morph to resemble those of animals, their power is believed to transcend the limits of human perception -- as they exist beyond the spacetime continuum. Those sensitive to signals of gravitational waves produced by these stars have over the history of mankind coalesced into secret societies responsible for the documentation and organization of knowledge systems in the world. Among the Agikuyu people, this order was composed of eccentric individuals who lived secluded in the four sacred elevations of Ngong' hills, Kilimambogo, Mt. Kenya and the Aberdare range. These individuals were known in their local language as Arathi -- a group of mystics who were also referred to as the veiled sentinels from the piercing stars.

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