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The Origins Of Life And The Forgotten Lore Of The Nymphs From Kia-Njata

Over four billion years ago, during the Hadean eon, voyagers from the outer reaches of the solar system crash-landed on a newborn world, delivering signature ingredients that contributed to the formation of Earth's precious waters and the creation of organic life - marking the dawn of the Archean eon. From microbial biospheres, life replicated and evolved through codes of programmed molecular instructions to produce visible forms of life enmeshed in complex ecosystems. About three hundred thousand years ago, human consciousness begun flowering - producing culture in the process. Oral mythologies of ancient societies in Africa speak of these voyagers as the forces responsible for shaping the evolutionary processes of life on this planet, while nurturing the intuited transformation of the human mind through the qualities of its imagination.

The earliest practitioners of traditional healing Arts among these ancient societies, attributed the source of their bodies of knowledge and practices to these interstellar travellers.

Through the idea of dreams as entry points to directly interfacing with the invisible forces that govern the laws of nature, these travellers transmitted survival technologies such as effective medicinal remedies to herbalists, developing an intricate botanical classification of their immediate natural environment.

Ritual directives in ancient rainmaking practices are said to have been communicated by emanated beings dwelling in spaces regarded as sacred within nature. Brooks, rivers, lakes, mountain cliffs, and special trees in forested lands were considered inviolable. These beings were invoked through elaborate rituals during special communal gatherings, as they epitomized the ideas of agricultural fertility and the blessings of human procreation. This reverent relationship with nature was carried forth over generations in the form of mythical stories.

Tales of divinities inhabiting the glistening waters of the great lakes located on the floor of The Great Rift Valley in East Africa, are today recounted by local communities as whispers of warning to those desecrating the waters through activities that disregard age-old rituals. A report by Kenya Marine and Fisheries Research Institute (KMFRI) declaring the fish from the flooding waters of Lake Nakuru toxic due to catchment degrading human activities, poetically correlates with warnings expressed in the lore of the nymphs from Kia-Njata.


Since the dawn of humanity, a story is told of pleromatic beings charged with protecting the vulnerable conditions of nature, bearing the responsibility for its striking beauty as well as its devastating capacity. According to this lore, the reunion of the main water nymphs - currently witnessed as the flooding of the great interlinked lakes of Kenya's Rift Valley, foreshadows a great geo-ecological transformation that may result in the birth of a new ocean, splitting its mother's womb into separate geographic entities.


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