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The Impact Of Modern Technology In Creating New Modes of Transmitting Cultural Values

As a critical driver of cultural convergence, modern technology is allowing the re-kindling of old myths in Africa, influenced by global cultural references in literature, film, music, and fashion. This mythic extrapolating process is creating space for new ways of transmitting cultural meanings. Amidst the current global race to a technological rapture, Nairobi is speedily positioning itself as one of the centers for this global cultural convergence, highlighting the power of syncretic narratives in resolving dissonance and achieving cultural translations.

The generations of Artists in Kenya who kept in touch with global cultural references from their local television and radio programming, private music and film collections, books and international magazines, etc. - are filling the creative scene with ideas that demonstrate their unique tastes in creative processes and aesthetic complexions.

Below is a brief interview with a Nairobi based Hip Hop Artist TONY REDRUM, from the musical duo NAIRO-PRAXIS, on their debut EP, OGO'S ERROR.

ASFA: Why the name TONY REDRUM?

TONY REDRUM: The name is inspired by 'The Shining', a novel by Stephen King, and the subsequent film adaptation by Stanley Kubrick. TONY is Danny Torrance's imaginary friend and is responsible for Danny's prophetic visions. TONY offers an interesting perspective into the nature of a child's mind processing a traumatic event. REDRUM is the summation of all the forces responsible for degrading the potential of the Human on Earth - that which we must overcome for the realization of the true meaning of Freedom.

ASFA: Why the title OGO'S ERROR?

TONY REDRUM: If you're familiar with the Dogon creation mythology, you already know the role Ogo plays in the creation of our planetary solar system. In this debut extended play, I relate this archetype to my own personal experiences, assisted by the genius of 7headc0 who put the sonic pastels together.

Listen to OGO'S ERROR and support directly with the linked image below. All proceeds from this project will be redirected to CHAKUDISHI - a digital media training program initiated by members of NAIRO-PRAXIS. This program is dedicated to providing free meals and digital media training workshops for street children living in urban centers in Kenya.


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