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Notes From The Assimilation Of Encounters With The Watchers: How The Light Leaks Out

In machines, spirits we seek to find. Repetition in relation to revelation. How do you maintain habits of orientation? And how do you integrate the systemic with the relational? Animistic dreams and the origins of technology. Tailoring garments of moral discernment. The sacral tokens of beauty.

An offering of presence intertwines as a pledge of what is to be, and an unveiling of the essence concealed in the time gone by.

Seventh to the chief figure at the mount of Kirinyaga, an oath binds together with no room for pardon. Until the consummation of the age of sootless carbon, a conjured spell stakes its fate on a suitcase sermon.

Sensing the impulse of a proof-based ration, a lucid star-born breaches the guarded gates of dogmatic absolutes in heuristic fashion.

The experiential validation of a symbol in its facilitation of transcendence. Transgressing limitations and displacing frontiers. A separation, transition and consolidation. Cherished memories dipped into a dynamic present. The aboard of all luminaries. Treasuries of the ark and the living waters.


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