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Elements Of Curative Medicine In The Modern African Shamanic Rituals Of A Disc Jockey

According to the work of Prof. Meki Nzewi, music in the African worldview is considered a science of being. The human body, in regard to wellness, is perceived as a primal musical instrument, while the soul is understood as ethereal melody. Illness is therefore considered a signal of dissonance in the life of an individual or community. Traditional healing rituals utilized music as an agent to administer curative procedures for appropriate attunement of the physical and spiritual conditions. In the city of Nairobi, this bio-spiritual interaction with music is finding expression through practitioners whose creative processes promote and adhere to values of physiological health and spiritual well-being. DJ midL_east is one of the leading practicing members from this emerging cultural space establishing his work on this ancient foundational knowing.

By curating personalized music centered experiences, DJ midL_east is developing a unique approach to the Art and Science of DJing. His vast musical knowledge allows him to sample from a diverse range of cultures, blending their subtle soulful distinctions into his own restorative rituals. His first initiative generated space for an alienated community within the city, which has gradually matured into a fully fledged cultural syndicate.

Another key component incorporated into his work is the production of a plant-based liquid infusion popularly known as Petiole - an emblematic distillation of the communal spirit defining this movement, partaken for its therapeutic and creatively charged experiences. The values behind DJ midL_east's disciplines are progressively connecting cultural creators and enthusiasts from around the world, through their reverence for the Arts and a shared sense of community.


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