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Coded Language: Cultural Cypher Units In Metropolis Africa

As a system of communication based on a key (predetermined rules or symbols) set to decrypt riddles packed in a labyrinth of narratives that encapsulate a 360 degrees approach to the examination of daily lived experiences, a cypher is a spontaneous generation imbued with the respect for things known and those unknown, and the boundaries usually violated by the work of compradorian cultural analysts.

Nairobi hosts a few cypher units whose integral being is rooted in the radical protection of Artistic freedoms exercised within a closed circuit of cultural interactions, and only open to the culturally initiated.

These interactions are characterized by their application of meta-relationship principles of meaning to encode complex metaphoric dramas of an industrialized African society.

This syncretic codified language developing in urban cities in Africa is a testament to the magic of ritualized systems of knowledge carried forward through ancestral bloodlines, and presented as culture.

With the current acceleration of the process of cultural homogenization through the world wide expansion of global media, these cyphers are serving as a litmus for the egregore of modern griots in metropolis Africa.


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