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An Experimental Exercise In The Characterization Of Kenya's Mythic Ideations

A philosophical case study on beauty, desire and taste. An imitation of appearance and the principles that demonstrate symmetry and definiteness. A cultural phenomenon influencing current trending patterns in global economic activities. A breaking of the unity of action, time and place. Beyond formal order. An extension of nature and the pleasures of the imagination. The middle ground between sensitivity and reason. The figurative and the abstract.

A placeless lair lurks about a gazeless stare. The devil on the cross blinds the heart with an ageless glare. A thousand words reveal a faceless bare. Only a whisper from the wizard's crow dispels a faithless prayer.

Customs handlers and the silk lined dockets of experts in foreign affairs. Matatu degrees and the jewels of the wealthy fairly prepared. The more things change, the more they snare in pairs. What makes for a fine, healthy soul, makes for smooth thighs compared. Ears, horns and all.

Gicaandi's waves displace replicas in amplitudes of rhythms deaf to all reapers and buyers. Inter-generational cold heat suppliers. Convex geometry and the resolution of miracles through wires. Inside the labyrinth of a prophet's karma and the rituals of a dying drama. To flee from pleading cries, the cost of thinning skies blinds the eyes with streaming lies. Today is tomorrow's treasury baked in unprocessed replies. Children of the unbroken reprise.

A roll of the dice. A loss for the mice. A lore for high bidders. Sly dealers entangled in time. A program cracking vaults runs its code on a rhyme. A circle benign invites a home in the wild. Derision laced decisions rile an eye for an eye. An arm and a leg. Only refracted timelines emerge in the end. A toast for the wise. For those who rose before the roaming strobes hid the night.


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