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A Nairobian Guide To Integrating The Shapeshifting Mosaic Of A Poltergeist

Killers of Trojan horses, oceans of frozen motions defog your mirrors. Like swarms of desert locusts shuffling out of gear, a world of words in focus peels like thin veneer. Like the auric residue of a nomad's totem spells out in clear, a dime with no seer rides like a rhyme with no ear. Like a joke recorded, a broken sonnet lounges in symbolic formless.

A tameless spirit tinges the twilight in shades of crimson. A bullet riddles the lifelines traded in the work of Pat Shaw's 38 special. A thrill dipping commission floats the boat for all skill flipping provisions. A cautionary vessel.

Swerve like the tides of Kia-Njata's prescient circus. Like waves of doubt from a scheming burglar or a nobel laureate's filtered answers. In octaves of stolen data, the rapture of potent danger cuts the cost for what a dream can labour. A gleaming lustre of promises drape the colours of the evening clusters.

Miondoko ya stima kwa maji and other related particles bridge like stolen bylines. Processed guidelines fetch like golden sunshine. A scopeless mind's eye grips in terror of the boaderless primetime. Like fading seasons of peach inked distortions, a silence slays in vain precaution. Crescent drops of suspense inadvertently spread like vicarious options. A city tucks its proletarian spots in solvent tones of aging potions, as a fleeing renegade muddles a set of ranging auctions.

Figures of they who taught the wind to sing, a moonless night bespoke a wonder of violent thunder. Traces of fractured gazes freckle into a kaleidoscope of violet candour. A systematic hunger writes the code for programs of sequenced plunder. Suited like a seamless murder, a dreamless slumber trolls in the wake of a recent squander. The outcome of every action, a despot's heedless drama.


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